Collages created by Lyn encapsulate not just the image but also can be personalised to include names, dates and personal meanings using text within the torn pieces. 

Lyn specialises in depicting images of clients homes, favourite places, towns, coast and country locations. Your pet could be included in the paper collage to give it that personal touch.

Commissions produced by Lyn are an ideal gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and special occasions.

This makes a completely original and unique gift for that special occasion.

Commercially, Lyn works with interior designers and businesses to help create a new look for their business which could include Hotels, Guest Houses, Offices, Shops, Cafés and Restaurants. 

Art can be produced on canvas or framed behind glass. 

Please contact Lyn by clicking here, who will be happy to meet and discuss your requirements.